Members create personal profiles and then at the click of a mouse they can see and read about their most likely matches, often numbering in the hundreds. Subscribers can elect to contact or reply to emails from the members they find most appealing. Members can reply to emails for free. All contact between members on the site is done using an anonymous username and not a real email address. is a fun, efficient and effective way for eligible singles to meet and get to know each other.

Why is the most popular way among eligible Asian singles to find love on their terms? Our friendly service combined with the latest technology and sophisticated looks make it fun and easy to find the perfect match. Also, unlike other American dating sites, everyone who joins here is truly interested in meeting Asian singles.

Start by telling us the type of person you're looking for and get going right from our splash page. It's free and a great way to get your feet wet.

Become a Member for free
To take a closer look at your search results, become a member by completing an easy to set up profile. Your profile lets people know you're out there and ready to meet someone special. In addition to creating a free profile, members can also post pictures and receive emails. If someone contacts you by email, then you can reply for free.

Become a Subscriber
Now that you've seen someone you want to meet, you've read their profile and filled out yours. To initiate contact, become a subscriber. It gives you unlimited access to everyone on, which means more chances and more choices. As a subscriber you will also be able to use our Advanced Search functions and you can save your searches.

IMPORTANT: To insure that you don't lose any email from, follow these instructions.


Q. How much does it cost to become a subscriber?
A. We have a 1-month plan, 3-month plan, and a 6-month plan. You can check out prices by clicking here.

Q. What is the benefit of becoming a subscriber?
A. Subscribers get to initiate contact with other members, members only get to reply to emails for free.. Additionally, subscribers get to use our Advanced Search functions, including the ability to save their searches.

Q. How do I subscribe?
A. Just click here and choose from any of our subscription packages. You can either pay online with a credit/debit card or with Paypal. If you choose to use Paypal you can instantly signup online using your bank account or credit card.

Q. What is the status of my subscription?
A. You can view the status of your subscription any time by going to the Account Setup page then click on Subscription Status.

Q. How do I reinstate my subscription?
A. Simply log back into the site at any time up to one year from your subscription's expiration date, and you will be prompted to renew your subscription.

Q. What is the subscription cancellation policy?
A. Once your credit card has been charged, your subscription is non-refundable. If you choose to resign from before the end of your subscription you may choose to hide your profile from others for the remainder of your subscription.

Q. How do I resign from
A. You may choose to resign at any time, thereby removing your profile from searches by other members through the cancel/change subscription page under Account Setup.

Q. worked great, and I found my match! How do I cancel my subscription?
A. To cancel your subscription, simply choose not to renew at the end of your membership period. does not automatically re-bill subscribers.

Q. When can I email other members?
A. You can reply to emails for free as soon as you become a member. You can initiate emails to other members once you become a Subscriber. Click here to learn about subscriptions.

Q. Why am I not getting any email from in my regular email inbox?
A. You may not be getting all your email because your email service provider has certain filter. To make sure you don't lose any email, change your email filter setting.

Q. How do I remain anonymous?
A. Subscribers can only initiate contact through This protects your email address by only allowing your username to be visible to other members.

Q. Where do I receive emails from other members?
A. All emails from other members are sent to the email address you registered with. Due to your email providers' automatic blocking and filtering, you may not receive all of your emails. Check with your email provider in order to change automatic blocking and filtering so that you can receive all emails from However, don't worry, all of your emails sent and received within the last 30 days can be viewed in your Mailbox.

Q. How do I stop someone from emailing me?
A. When you receive email from another member, you will be given the option to block future emails from that member.

Q. I just want to search for people. Why should I create a profile?
A. A profile lets people know that you are looking for someone and it’s the only way other members can find you. Additionally, filling out a profile will allow us to find members who are right for you, and make sure you’re right for them. Plus, by creating a profile you can reply to emails from other members for free.

Q. What is the process for creating a profile?
A . After you setup your membership account information, you will automatically be taken to a page to create your profile. Your profile may be modified at any time after it is setup.

Q. How do I update or edit my profile after it’s been posted?
A. Edit your profile whenever you want by logging in and clicking on My Profile at the top of any page.

Q. Can I hide my profile so other members can’t see it?
A. Go to my profile, at bottom of page there is a question that asks if you want to hide your profile, select yes then save your profile.

Q. Why should I post a photo to my profile?
A. Members with photos get much better responses and up to 10 times more attention than those without one.

Q. Why doesn't my profile show up when I search?
A. Possible reasons why your profile does not show up when you do a search are:

  • Incorrect gender selection
  • Wrong geographic area
  • Not enough matching data entered
If you continue to have a problem please contact

Q. What is the difference between searching and matching?
A. Searching is how you look for a member with certain characteristics, location, age, etc. Matching is how we match you with another member based on what you both have told us you’re looking for.

Q. Does have same-sex matching?
A. Absolutely. When you create your profile, there is one field asking if you’re a man or woman, and another field asking if you’re looking for a man or woman. Just fill in the appropriate fields, and you’re on your way.

Q. How do I change my username, password or email address?
A. It’s easy to change any of your account information, at any time. Just visit the “Sign up information” section in the Account Setup link at the top of every page.

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